Monday, March 8, 2010

Asian Lettuce Wraps With Beef

Lettuce wraps can be made with so many different ingredients. This is how I made them today and they were delicious. The sauces make them fun to put together, trying different combinations with every serving. Healthy, quick, and delectable.

Ground Beef
Sliced mushrooms
Soya sauce
Black bean sauce
Sesame oil

Cook beef with the above ingredients.

Vermicelli noodles(Boiled or deepfried--today they were deepfried)
Hoisin sauce
Sweet chili sauce
Hot chili sauce
Green onion

Wrap beef filling inside pieces of lettuce, topping with green onion, whichever sauce you feel like and noodles.

*****To deepfry vermicelli noodles-simply place a small handful of noodles into about an inch of hot oil. Repeat until you have desired amount. They will puff up immediately. Be ready with a slotted spoon to scoop them out. This way the noodles are crispy, but very very light.****


  1. I love lettuce wraps! I've never tried them with ground beef but they sure do look good!


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