Friday, February 19, 2010

Baked Cheese Sticks

So lastnight we were going to this crazy olympic party downtown. Everybody was all like "Oh Ashleigh, you HAVE to bring some of your totally delicious appetizers!! Have to. The party just won't be the same without your AMAZING food talent!!". I knew right away I had to make my signature appy dish....

Alright, I wasn't actually invited to any party... And this was the first time I've made these.
And I was at home.

These particular cheese sticks would have been good on top of some mixed greens with a balsamic vinegar dressing. But next time I would use actual bread crumbs. I thought Panko would be so light, but it wasn't.
And sharing is caring.
I wouldn't eat the whole pan to myself.
Or spray aerosol whipped cream straight into my mouth for dessert.
Over and over again.

Mozza Cheese
Panko Bread Crumbs

-Prepare a bowl of flour. Mix egg with parsley. Mix bread crumbs with garlic powder and salt.
-Dip mozza in flour, then egg, then bread. Let rest to help bread coating adhere.
-Then coat again-flour, egg, bread. Lay on baking sheet. Chill in freezer for a few minutes before baking at 350 for 10 minutes.
-Broil for a few if you have browning issues like I did.

It's OK tho. Today after work I'll make some barley tea.


  1. I want these in my stomach. Now. How did you prepare the mozza cheese? Cut it? String cheese?

  2. Oh god, I'm listening to tiger woods right now. What a douche.
    I cut it into blocks off the main block of mozzarella.

  3. I love that you baked these as opposed to deep frying. They sound so yummy. I bet they'd be great with a little cranberry sauce or some balsamic syrup. Yum!

    Oh and I agree, Tiger Woods is such a douche!


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