Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ashparagus 'n Leek Phyllo Pizza Pie

Oh my god. Delicious. Make it. Holy.

-1 Package Phyllo Dough
-1 bunch of asparagus
-3 T. thinly sliced sundried tomatoes in olive oil
-1/4 Cup sliced leek
-1/4 Cup feta
-1 Cup mozzarella
-1 Cup parmesan
-Melted butter (For in between phyllo sheets)
-1/4 Cup sour cream
-1 T. Lemon juice

Pre heat oven to 375.
Lay one layer at a time phyllo onto baking sheet. Brush melted butter and sprinkle parmesan between each sheet. (Save some parmesan for topping)
-Phyllo should be about 7-9 sheets thick.
-Once all the layers are in place, slightly curl any overhanging edges in to form a bit of a crust. (If there are any)
-Place in middle rack for 10 minutes.

-Mix sour cream and lemon juice. (I would also add chopped chives but didnt have any on hand)
-Slice asparagus length wise in half.Steam asparagus, coat in olive oil, salt and pepper.
-Thinly spread sour cream mixture on cooked phyllo crust.(Think Pizza Sauce)
-Sprinkle mozza, sundried tomatoes, feta, leek and steamed asparagus.
-Top with remaining parmesan.

-At this point, you want to put back in the oven and cook for another 10 minutes on middle rack.
-Let cool 6 minutes before cuting into squares and serving.

Photos:Shawn Campbell


  1. Good lord! This looks SOO GOOD!! I love to make pizza on phyllo, great idea with asparagus and leek. yum yum yum!

  2. Hey, thanks! I had never done it before. Any other good topping ideas?


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