Monday, January 25, 2010

Mediterranean Linguini

I was trying to copy a pasta that my boyfriend loves to eat at a restaurant down the road. It was a nice, easy and light pasta to make... but in my opinon...wasn't a total success. He ate it anyway. He said it was really good. I looked at him sideways. Not because he had oil all over his mouth and chin...but because it wasn't nearly as good as the real thing.

Make sure you add lots of the sundried tomatoe olive oil(I used the oil from a jar of sundried tomatoes I had in the fridge, but you can buy sundried tomatoe olive oil or make your own.) and lots of the 2 cheeses as my pasta was quite bland until we added more. The roasted red peppers were jarred. And I roasted the grape tomatoes in the oven while I waited for the linguini to boil and chicken to cook. Next time I might add actual chopped sundreid tomatoes too. I will make it again. Probably more suitable for a lunch menu. Served with a softish garlic bread (Baked in tin foil for 30 minutes).

Pan fried chicken
Parmesan cheese
Feta cheese
Kalamata olives
Roasted red peppers
Roasted grape tomatoes
Linguini noodles
Sundried tomatoe olive oil

Photos:Shawn Campbell

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