Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Will I ever cook again???

Oh. My. God.
The only signature dish I've been serving is gallons and gallons of breast milk. I was going to get him to take some beautiful shots of my pump and a nice frosty glass next to some freshly baked goods. But... I haven't had time to bake.

Here is my huge baby. Born on April 6, 2010. Her name is Lainey. She`s still huge. I Blame it on the spinach.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! It's slightly stalker-ish how many times I've checked in on you (your blog). She's adorable.

    It took me almost 3 months to cook again. It seemed impossible until that point. But you will cook again. And eventually napping becomes more predictable and you will cherish that time and you will cook/bake/marinate/recipe-create like mad.

    Again, congrats : )

  2. I went from having food envy to BABY envy! Congratulations, Mama! She's absolutely beautiful.

  3. Congratulations, Ashleigh! She's beautiful! Don't worry, you'll be cooking again before you know it. I can't really remember when I started cooking again after I had each of my boys, but that seems like a lifetime ago, and my youngest is only two (and still likes to nurse, so I feel ya on breastfeeding)! Congratulations, again! Are you going to keep the same blog name? ;)

  4. aw, congratulations girl! she is beautiful, I love her little bunny feets! ;]

  5. Congrats Ashleigh, she's beautiful!!! I'm so glad you checked in, I too have been wondering how you've been, how the baby is, all that good stuff :) You did good, Mama! She has a beautiful name, too. Enjoy your sweet little girl :)

  6. Congratulations.... yes you will cook again but don't worry about it right now... Spend some time just enjoying!


  7. Congratulations - Lainey is beautiful and I love her name! My granddaughter was born 4 days before Lainey - such a blessing :)

  8. Oh, such a cute little chunky-monkey! :) Enjoy your snuggle time with your sweet little girl. Cooking can wait! ;)


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